How You Breathe Determines The Quality of Your Life.

Learn how to become an optimal breather and live a fuller life. That means for example, sleeping better, better digestion, more stamina at sport, help with relaxation and being more productive and less tired at work.


You Are How You Breathe.

Breathren – from Bredren n. a group of friends. Our common goal is to help businesses, community organisations and the general public maintain and improve their wellness through breathing education. Your breath and how you breathe is your best friend.


Joel Jelen, founder & director of Breathren plays a leading role in hosting workshops for businesses, community organisations and the general public.

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Breathren can help with sports performance, productivity in the workplace & life as well as weight & digestion issues, Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever), Sleep, Stress & Anxiety-related conditions.


Learning to breathe optimally as nature intended as oppose to dysfunctionally like so many people in society today.


How many of us realise that how we breathe affects our daily health?

One of the most important parts of the process in becoming a better breather is gaining awareness of your current state. It is very common for people to be unaware of how they breathe in spite of the many conditions created by dysfunctional breathing.

For example and with regards to health and every day life, if you go about your daily life and your your sleep mouth breathing, you automatically create stress in your system that ends up in poor health. Over a prolonged period of time, this can accumulate and result in you developing a serious condition.

Also, if sport and exercise play a major role in your life and you are competitive, breathing more optimally can make a big difference to your performance and your health following exercise.

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Joel Jelen.

I met this genius of a doctor more than 25 years ago called Dr Len McEwan who got paid to teach people how to re-train their breathing and I was fascinated!

Dr. McEwan was an expert in Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and I could relate to some of his work based on the fast pace required to operate in media.

As i learned more, i realised that my sinus problems, food intolerances and eczema as a kid were highly likely the result of being a mouth breather. 

I latterly became inspired to study the Buteyko method of breathing re-training as set out for me by Patrick McKeown who was a student of Dr Konstantin Butyeko.

Buteyko, himself a chronic asthma sufferer with very high blood pressure, went on to manage then alleviate his conditions by first understanding then applying the value of learning to breathe less.

Yes, the less breaths and the lower the breathing volume you take every minute can have a dramatic positive influence on your health.

In terms of my outlook, I have always been an admirer of people in sport, business and life who could operate in an energetic manner yet remain calm.

That’s exactly what an insight into breathing exercises offers in benefiting your life.


Benefits of Breathren.

In the fast-paced world of the 21st century, people no longer breathe as nature intended. Bad breathers become chronic asthmatics, highly motivated athletes never achieve their goals…people have got into bad habits when it comes to breathing.

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What Our Customers Say.

Roy's Story
Roy's Story
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"Meet Roy. Roy got in touch with us complaining of feeling perplexed. He was diagnosed with asthma as a child and has carried the condition throughout his life...although latterly he was diagnosed alternatively in recent years with having COPD. Roy is 73. When i met Roy, i could see that he chest breathes and his breathing was audible...he more than likely became a habitually poor breather through his early asthma affliction. He was really struggling after climbing a flight of stairs when we met. Roy was also a mouth breather, both day and night and mouth breathers tend to use their upper chest muscles. Nobody ever told Roy any of this and as a layperson, nobody could expect him to know. After a period of approximtely 8 weeks breathing re-training, Roy wrote to me explaining how he no longer needed an NHS-prescribed steriod inhaler - the one course of ongoing treatment he was desperate to avoid. Attached is a picture of Roy, cycling up and down hills in Portugal, breathing obviously much improved."
60 Hope Street Group
60 Hope Street Group
Google Reviews
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“The power of the breath and breathing calmly cannot be underestimated for maintaining good productivity at work whilst at the same time, remaining relaxed, focused and feeling full of energy. It needs to be experienced to be believed.”
Bernadette Thompson
Bernadette Thompson
Google Reviews
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“I developed M.E. and my symptoms included exhaustion, IBS, snoring and sleep apnoea, inflamed joints, irregular pulse, depression, memory loss, lots of colds…I’m now so much happier with my life because I have the energy to live it.”
Sacha Keating
Internet of Things Limited
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“I really enjoyed the breathing education session - in fact I could have stayed all afternoon it’s really interesting to find out new information about breathing & posture & it leads on to so may different areas - Joel was really good - very clear & concise & made a lot of sense! I think we all benefit from switching off & taking time to connect with our breathing - I really enjoyed the sports side of it as well & from a more selfish point of view would like if there are any further sessions planned to tap into this even more as I'm a keen weightlifter so breathing is absolutely key in this area! Definitely one of the better sessions I have attended in a good while - thank you.”
Gary Reynolds
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“If you fall hook, line and sinker for people who can genuinely help your anxiety, especially in these difficult times, check out Breathren breathing education tips. They’ve helped me so much, made a big difference to my family life and there's loads of free help to offer when you get in touch.”

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