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Breathren has built a team of experts who we refer clients to in enabling a fully holistic approach to what we offer…


Joel Jelen.

I once met this doctor that I interviewed (I’ve worked in the PR industry for more than two decades) who got paid to teach people how to breathe and I was fascinated! Dr. McEwan was an expert in Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and I could relate to some of his work based on the fast pace required to operate in media.

I latterly became inspired to study the Buteyko Breathing set of techniques with Patrick McKeown who was a student of Dr Konstantin Butyeko. Thought I may as well learn from the best! I have always been an admirer of people in sport, business and life who could operate in an energetic manner yet remain calm. That’s exactly what an insight into breathing exercises offers in benefiting your life.


John Bullock.

As a former British UK kick boxing champion, Flow coach John Bullock knows better than most about the value of breathing functionally for exercise and sport.

As he says: “The simple fact is if we do not breathe, we do not live and so it follows the better we breathe the better we perform. In my discipline of boxing, we often talk about people gassing meaning that they have depleted their energy resources so fast they have nothing left to give. This often shows up by people gasping for air in shallow gulps with their mouth open as an aid to restore normal breathing. It fails every time and they just gas quicker in the next round. So, there is an essential link between energy and breathing.”

As John recognises only too well, the question most sports participants will ponder is “how can I breathe to maximize my energy so I perform better?” In this, perhaps combat sportspeople have an edge as they are taught to breathe through their nose from the start as leaving a gaping jaw open can be hazardous to your health.

John continues: “It does not come easy but like any performer moving from the practice arena to the performance arena, it all becomes second nature the more you practice. Being able to operate in an acute stress environment without it turning to chronic stress and so being equal to the challenge means you are heading towards what I refer to as the Flow channel.”

The same principle applies to the fight, flight or freeze response. John puts it neatly: “Controlling your breathing makes for better decision making by slowing the heart rate down as we are freeing up resources to rationalise and make better decisions moving us from the freeze to flight or fight. We slow the heart down (pulse rate), by breathing through the nose and training the body to perform better by slowing the intake of oxygen down. The quicker I am able to do this and operate in an acute stress environment affords me the chance to enjoy more of what I am doing by making it look easy and heading towards the flow state.”


Kim Rutherford.

Kim is a Psychotherapist and seasoned Personal Development Coach and Trainer, specialising in Mental Health (Stress, Burnout, Anxiety, Depression) and Wellbeing (Mindset, Thinking patterns, Confidence, Self Esteem, Life Changes & Transitions).

She is also the Founder of 8Wise™ and Author of 8 Wise Ways to a Healthier Happier Mind, a critically acclaimed holistic approach for healing from the past, managing the present and creating a healthier future, that is designed as both a prevention and recovery tool.

The approach helps people to take control of their life and create positive change, whether it be in their career, relationships, health, business, self-perception, or their own healing processes.

Mental health and wellbeing is a journey and Kim is right beside you every step of the way, she can work remotely or face to face in a Covid secure setting and she promises a friendly face, an empathetic ear, and a safe, confidential space.



Claire Morton.

Claire Morton is an award winning High Performance coach, Meditation teacher and number 1 best-selling author who will help you achieve the life you want by shedding the burnout, becoming balanced and stress less.

Meditation and Master NLP practitioner Claire is one of the UK’s most sought-after transformational well-being coaches. Claire specialises in helping high performers “sort their head out” with her unique blend of science-based education, NLP, and a no-BS straight talking approach that supports individuals to live their lives to their full potential through her online programmes.

Having successfully worked with a large number of high performers, cultivating their mental, emotional, spiritual and business performance through deep subconscious coaching and meditation practices. Claire decided to focus her 20+ years of coaching experience to a pure and deep level, knowing that her coaching has the capability to completely, positively change lives, to level up and change the world for the better.

Claire continues to coach, guide and support her clients and students with a coaching model based on love, trust, honesty and above all, a sense of humour. She has a talent and connection that brings out the best in people. 

Claire’s vision is to support high performers who have lost their mojo and want to change from being a ‘lost soul’ leaving the ‘big burn out’ of working TOO MANY HOURS, DOING TOO MUCH, NOT ASKING FOR SUPPORT, living in survival mode the lost goes on… to someone who is strong in mind and body, creating their own unique, high performing successful life and thriving business.


Nina Lipman.

Nina Lipman is a director and the founder of Nina’s Natural Clinic, which includes Health Wellness Coaching, Aromatherapy Massage & Reflexology Treatments. She currently works from Rodney Street in Liverpool city centre but is also mobile-based too given current demand.

Nina is passionate about supporting & promoting all to become empowered & educated in living a natural healthy lifestyle. This is her mission, vision & purpose.


Marie Friend.

Marie Friend is another key member of the team having launched her business, Harmonic Egg Healing earlier this year. Marie has already achieved great success with treatments centred on frequencies of sound and light that effect the body at a cellular level.

The Harmonic Egg is the only one of its kind in the UK and essentially is an Energy-based therapy focused on frequencies. As Marie will tell you, deep states of relaxation, meditative states induced with sound and light slow down the brain waves achieving coherence to impact the body.

Marie is a big fan of Dr. Bruce Lipton, a biologist known for his study on Epigenetics showed that belief itself can control human biology rather than DNA. She also mentions Gregg Braden another scientist and educator teaches us how to enhance your ability to self-regulate and create a powerful immune system, activating longevity and enzymes to access deep levels of perception and healing. And likewise, Lynne Mctaggart, a world-renowned science journalist who educates on the power of intention supports theories that dovetail the Egg.

We totally get all of this given how Buteyko breathing techniques can do the same, hence why we invited Marie to join us in synergy.

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